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A Coy Subject: The Three Elements That Help You Decode The Symbolism In Koi Fine Art Prints

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Sometimes a print depicting a fish is just a picture of a fish. When it comes to Japanese koi prints, there’s a history of symbolism that turns a mere fish picture into a message of encouragement, longing, or congratulations. Koi fish represent love and romantic attachment, but they also represent strength and abundance. When choosing a koi print for your collection or to give as a special gift, think about the message you want to convey. Take some time to research the meaning of Japanese and other koi artwork. Look for the following three elements in koi prints, paintings, and sculpture: Color Koi fish are named by color in the pond. They may be orange, pale blue, black, mottled, or metallic in coloring. Koi with metallic or golden flecks in their scales are often symbols of future or present prosperity. In artwork and symbolism, koi are also sorted by color. For example, koi flags and kites are often flown by families on Children’s Day. The color meanings in this context include: Black for father Orange or red for mother Blue or white for boy Pink or red for girl Using these guidelines, choose a print of a red koi fish for a daughter and a blue koi fish for a son to make their art prints extra meaningful gifts. A print depicting an orange fish and a black fish together is a very appropriate gift for a set of grandparents or parents. Activity The direction in which koi are depicted swimming also says a great deal about the meaning of the art piece. There are two separate meanings depending on whether the fish is swimming upstream or downstream. Koi swimming upstream reflect a struggle against the odds and the encouragement to work hard to achieve one’s goals. Koi swimming downstream are on “easy street” and have accomplished their goals.  A recent high school or college graduate appreciates the koi headed downstream with the current, while a family member struggling with a heavy workload or other concern identifies with the koi determined to make it up the creek. Numbers Koi may live more than 100 years in the wild, always swimming upstream to find better waters. They represent perseverance and a long, prosperous life.  A group of three koi is thought to attract wealth and prosperity. Choose a set of three koi prints, or one print featuring three koi, whether you seek a gift for a new entrepreneur or an established business owner. Two intertwined koi represent yin and yang, or they may be symbolic of romantic devotion and courage. There are other meanings for koi painted with specific items, including hibiscus (devotion) or lotus (determination) flowers. Koi are popular subjects of tattoos in Japan and worldwide, so it’s easy to find charts and other information about deeper meanings behind the various koi colors, activities, and numbers.  The main thing to remember about koi artwork is this: if you adore a certain koi print, it doesn’t really matter what the symbolism represents. The meaning of the artwork is found in its beauty and framed presentation, and that’s quite enough. For more information, contact an art dealer like Christi B Fine...

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Protecting Original Pencil-Drawn Artwork From Unnecessary Demise

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If you just purchased a pencil-drawn piece of artwork, chances are you will want to protect it from damage so you can enjoy it for years to come. Since penciled drawings are delicate, special care will need to be taken in their handling and display. Here are some tips you can use to make sure the picture you had purchased will be protected from moisture, light, and handling. Avoid Touching The Artwork Too Often Since a graphite or charcoal-drawn masterpiece can be easily smeared, it is important to limit the amount of time you handle the drawing to help keep this risk at a minimum. Always handle the artwork by the edges of the paper to help keep the penciled portion from being altered. It is a good idea to put on a pair of archival gloves to block the oils from your fingertips from getting on the paper. This will keep the paper from developing discolored portions from handling. Keep Your Artwork On Interior Walls Place your artwork in an appropriate glass frame to help protect the drawing from damage. This will allow you to enjoy looking at the artwork without putting it at risk of exposure to debris while in your home. It is best to avoid putting a pencil-drawn picture on one of the interior walls along the perimeter of your home. Since these walls are close to the outdoors, they are more prone to moisture or airflow getting through them if insulation is not adequate. Instead, place your artwork on an interior wall of your home to protect the artwork from temperature fluctuations. Avoid Humidity And Light To Minimize Damage Risk Do not place your artwork in an area with direct sunlight. This could fade the drawing, making it substantially harder to see as a result. Instead, place the drawing in an area where natural light does not hit. It is best to also avoid placing the artwork in a spot right near a light fixture. Find a shaded area to display your artwork instead so the penciled portions remain as dark as possible. It is also important to avoid humidity as this can alter the paper on which the artwork was drawn and damage the piece. Keep your home cool during hot days with the help of air conditioning to help keep the drawing dry.  For more information, contact local professionals like Art by James...

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Getting Ready For Appraisal Services Before An Estate Sale

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An estate sale is often a stressful period of time. Estate sales generally occur following a family member’s death or due to a liquidation of assets, such as either a divorce or a bankruptcy. But though an estate sale can be stressful, it also needs to be handled correctly to acquire the most value from the goods being sold. Appraisal services from a company like Lipton Inc are always recommended — and there are some things you can do to prepare. Don’t Clean or Repair Your Items Your items should be cleaned, repaired, and otherwise modified before the sale itself — and only if they aren’t valuable or antiques. You should never clean or repair items before the appraisal occurs. Appraisers are expert professionals who are able to look past a little dust to see the true value of an item. More importantly, many items can be damaged by cleaning and could lose value if they are cleaned. Find Supporting Documents for Provenance  Are your items antiques? You’ll want to collect any certificates of authenticity, prior appraisals, and other information. If you don’t have any of this information — such as for an antique kept in your family — you may want to look for any old pictures that have the item in them. This can be used to successfully date items at least to the point of the photo. Even letters discussing certain pieces (such as an expensive art piece) could potentially be important in dating and determining its origins. Pull Heavy or Large Items Away from Walls Usually an appraisal is done within the estate itself, i.e. within the home. If there are any large items of furniture, they should be pulled away from the wall. Furniture often has maker’s marks which can be anywhere on the item itself — and the appraiser will also need to make sure that the entire item of furniture is in good condition. You may also want to make sure that everything is well lit for the same reason. Unbox and Unwrap Everything Finally, if there are still items that have been packed for storage, you should take the time to unpack them and put them on “display.” An appraiser will only have a certain amount of time and you’ll want them to go through as much of the estate as possible. Your estate sale company may have appraisal services that they are used to working with, but you might also want to get a second (or even third) opinion on higher cost items. These high value items may require a specialist to get a true price...

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Gods And Goddesses Of Greek Art

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The Greek civilization may have been at its prime thousands of years ago, but its art and artistic ideals are still seen in current society. One of the main themes in Greek art was their mythology, and the gods and goddesses that they believed influenced all facets of life. Numerous pieces of art, from sculptures and frescoes to painted pottery captured the images of the most revered Greek gods and goddesses. Some of the most popular gods and goddesses include: Zeus- Zeus was the god of the sky and also considered the father of the Greek hero Hercules. In Greek art, Zeus is often depicted with a thunderbolt which was his weapon of choice. Ancient myths say that his thunderbolt was created for him by the Cyclops. Apollo- As the god of the sun and light, illustrations of Apollo abound in Greek art. He was the son of Leto and Zeus, and his twin sister was Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. In Greek mythology, Apollo was known to spend a lot of time with the nine muses who were thought to provide artistic and musical inspiration. For more information about Apollo illustrations, contact a company like METAMORPHOSES. Ares- Born of Zeus and Hera, Ares was considered the god of war. In art and literature he is often presented as a god who represents the physical and violent side of war, as opposed to military strategy. In Greek mythology, Ares was said to respond to the smallest slight or insult with incredible outrage. Poseidon- Often depicted in art with his trident, a three-pronged spear, Poseidon was the god of the sea. He was considered to be vengeful, greedy, and moody. When insulted, Poseidon was said to cause earthquakes or powerful storms at sea out of spite. Aphrodite Aphrodite was the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty in Ancient Greece. She was considered to be incredibly beautiful, and became the centerpiece of numerous pieces of Greek art. She is considered to be the mother of Cupid. Hera Hera was widely believed to be the Queen of the Olympian gods as well as the goddess of marriage and birth. She was the sister of Zeus, and also his wife. It is believed that Hera became very angry and vengeful over the years due to the fact that her husband had many relationships outside of their marriage, along with numerous illegitimate offspring. Athena Athena was widely known as the goddess of intelligence. She was one of the three virgin goddesses and was believed to have been the guardian of Athens. The famous Parthenon is believed to have been her...

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First Date Coming Up? Why You Should Make It An Op Art Night!

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If you’re searching for a creative place to take a love interest on a first date, look no further than an optical art gallery.  Optical art, also known as op art, is all about optical illusion.  The pieces are abstract, with many done in black and white, and the images unfold in different ways as you peer at them.  Op art galleries feature several of these kinds of pieces, with some of the venues even inviting the artists out to explain their works.  Use this information to learn more about why an op art gallery is the perfect spot for your first date. An Op Art Gallery Showcases Your Creative Side One of the most compelling reasons why you should take your date to an op art gallery is because it allows you to showcase your creative side.  Anyone can pull out the old “dinner and a movie” for a first date.  Why not set yourself apart from the pack by suggesting an art gallery instead? Art galleries are wonderful places to go when you’re trying to get to know someone.  It decreases the chance that there will be any awkward silences, since both of you will be looking at the different pieces and talking about them as you browse the gallery.  Some venues also feature orchestras or singers on certain evenings, which gives you even more to talk about. Op Art Helps You Peer Into Their Mind Another reason why an op art gallery is such a great idea is because it’s a perfect, unassuming way for you to peer into your date’s mind.  Op art is abstract; this means that it appears different ways to different people.  As you view the images, you can listen as your date talks about how they perceive the image.  This is a great way for you to learn more about how they think, as well as dig deeper into who they really are. For example, your date may comment that a particular image looks like the dog they had as a child.  You can transition this into an entire conversation, where you bring up pets that you may have had, and maybe discover a common love for animals.  Talking like this is much more superior to the stock questions and answers that you would typically exchange over a meal. Taking your date to an op art gallery will help you stand out from the pack.  The next time you’re planning a first date, make it an op art...

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Hosting An Alice In Wonderland Themed Birthday Party

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Many people love the magical feeling that Alice in Wonderland gives them, and it’s an awesome way to host an extraordinary birthday party that everyone will enjoy and never forget. Whether you’re a child or a full grown adult, this theme can make for a really cool party, and one that is filled with fun and excitement! Here are some ideas for you to put on an unforgettable Alice in Wonderland birthday party. Invitations A really unique way to send out invitations is to attach a small key to them. Much like the book when Alice uses a key to open the mysterious doors, these little keys would make a cute addition to your invitation. You can find decorative keys at most craft stores, or even peruse your local thrift store for some old keys. Attach the keys to the invitation with a ribbon, and ask your guests to join you in “going down the rabbit hole”! “Drink Me” Beverages Use some small bottles and tie a piece of paper to them with the words “Drink Me” on them. Inside the bottles you can serve anything from fruit punch to soda, and it makes the drinks look much more inviting and unique. If you like, serve a variety of different colored fruit juices in each bottle so that they are all a mystery.  Tea Party Time For the table setting, use wildly patterned table cloths and set the table with a wide assortment of fun and funky tea cups and saucers. They don’t have to match either! Just like the Mad Hatter part of the book, you can create a really unique tea party theme complete with pastries, tea and coffee, and really fun dishes. If the weather holds, set the table using a long dining table so that everyone can sit together, and hang up paper lanterns for lighting. Decorations Here are some cute Alice in Wonderland themed decorations you can include to make the birthday party stand out and be even more special: Place plastic pink flamingos throughout the lawn Buy a few decks of oversized playing cards (referencing the Queen of Hearts portion of the book) Place huge hats on the table that everyone can wear at the tea party like the Mad Hatter Create a birthday cake in the shape of Alice’s dress, a large heart, or even the Cheshire Cat Make signs pointing to the party area saying things like “this way to Wonderland” To get started on planning your birthday party (or even unbirthday party!) today, visit a party store today. You can also look into birthday party event options like Purple...

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Say ‘I Do’ To A Piece Of History – Why A Vintage Wedding Ring Might Be The Right Fit For You

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If you have always had a passion for antiques or history, a vintage wedding ring might be the perfect fit for you. Estate jewelry can come in fashionable, unique period pieces. However, vintage rings can bring a lot more to the table besides their looks. Here are four reasons a vintage wedding ring might be your perfect match: 1. The Price is Right Vintage jewelry can be found at discounted rates if this is an important factor. Make sure that you let stores and dealers know your price range and style requirements so that they can source rings that will work for you. The vintage wedding ring arena is a niche market that can have a wide variety of options. Stay away from specialized businesses that focus on newly-minted wedding rings. Buying a ring with a history can offer up significant savings. 2. History can Live on Wearing a little piece of the past, your ring will have a history and also a future. Sometimes antique dealers may know a little bit about a ring and you can let this story live on. If not, just knowing that your ring lived a life before yours is a fun idea to dwell on. A vintage ring has proven its durability so that you know that you are getting a product that will last. 3. Working with a Dealer If you are looking for something specific or a period piece, work with a vintage jeweler to get you the ring you want. Antique dealers share the same passion for art and history as you do, and will work hard to find the perfect ring. A shift from your typical wedding ring businesses, an antique dealer will come to the table with rings that you are truly interested in. 4. Not Contributing to Current Market Choosing a vintage ring is a great way to honor history and not put money into a flooded market. Wedding rings are big business, but can come with ethical and ecological dark clouds from continued mining and labor practices. Purchasing a brand new ring will only contribute to the wedding ring industry, so instead find a vintage ring that can live again. If you have a passion for antiques, finding a ring through estate jewelry sales can be thrilling and easy to do. Do some initial looking around to see what you like and bring in an antique dealer if you need help finding the right ring for you. There are more reasons than fashion to go vintage with your wedding ring. To learn more, contact a company like Crissy Galleries with any questions or concerns you...

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