Say 'I Do' To A Piece Of History - Why A Vintage Wedding Ring Might Be The Right Fit For You

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If you have always had a passion for antiques or history, a vintage wedding ring might be the perfect fit for you. Estate jewelry can come in fashionable, unique period pieces. However, vintage rings can bring a lot more to the table besides their looks.

Here are four reasons a vintage wedding ring might be your perfect match:

1. The Price is Right

Vintage jewelry can be found at discounted rates if this is an important factor. Make sure that you let stores and dealers know your price range and style requirements so that they can source rings that will work for you. The vintage wedding ring arena is a niche market that can have a wide variety of options. Stay away from specialized businesses that focus on newly-minted wedding rings. Buying a ring with a history can offer up significant savings.

2. History can Live on

Wearing a little piece of the past, your ring will have a history and also a future. Sometimes antique dealers may know a little bit about a ring and you can let this story live on. If not, just knowing that your ring lived a life before yours is a fun idea to dwell on. A vintage ring has proven its durability so that you know that you are getting a product that will last.

3. Working with a Dealer

If you are looking for something specific or a period piece, work with a vintage jeweler to get you the ring you want. Antique dealers share the same passion for art and history as you do, and will work hard to find the perfect ring. A shift from your typical wedding ring businesses, an antique dealer will come to the table with rings that you are truly interested in.

4. Not Contributing to Current Market

Choosing a vintage ring is a great way to honor history and not put money into a flooded market. Wedding rings are big business, but can come with ethical and ecological dark clouds from continued mining and labor practices. Purchasing a brand new ring will only contribute to the wedding ring industry, so instead find a vintage ring that can live again.

If you have a passion for antiques, finding a ring through estate jewelry sales can be thrilling and easy to do. Do some initial looking around to see what you like and bring in an antique dealer if you need help finding the right ring for you. There are more reasons than fashion to go vintage with your wedding ring.

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