First Date Coming Up? Why You Should Make It An Op Art Night!

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If you're searching for a creative place to take a love interest on a first date, look no further than an optical art gallery.  Optical art, also known as op art, is all about optical illusion.  The pieces are abstract, with many done in black and white, and the images unfold in different ways as you peer at them.  Op art galleries feature several of these kinds of pieces, with some of the venues even inviting the artists out to explain their works.  Use this information to learn more about why an op art gallery is the perfect spot for your first date.

An Op Art Gallery Showcases Your Creative Side

One of the most compelling reasons why you should take your date to an op art gallery is because it allows you to showcase your creative side.  Anyone can pull out the old "dinner and a movie" for a first date.  Why not set yourself apart from the pack by suggesting an art gallery instead?

Art galleries are wonderful places to go when you're trying to get to know someone.  It decreases the chance that there will be any awkward silences, since both of you will be looking at the different pieces and talking about them as you browse the gallery.  Some venues also feature orchestras or singers on certain evenings, which gives you even more to talk about.

Op Art Helps You Peer Into Their Mind

Another reason why an op art gallery is such a great idea is because it's a perfect, unassuming way for you to peer into your date's mind.  Op art is abstract; this means that it appears different ways to different people.  As you view the images, you can listen as your date talks about how they perceive the image.  This is a great way for you to learn more about how they think, as well as dig deeper into who they really are.

For example, your date may comment that a particular image looks like the dog they had as a child.  You can transition this into an entire conversation, where you bring up pets that you may have had, and maybe discover a common love for animals.  Talking like this is much more superior to the stock questions and answers that you would typically exchange over a meal.

Taking your date to an op art gallery will help you stand out from the pack.  The next time you're planning a first date, make it an op art night.